About me:

About me:


I'm Courtney.

My adventure started on the 22nd January 2021 when I bought my first Polygel kit from amazon as it was lockdown and nobody could get there nails done... Ever since then I've been doing my nails almost fortnightly. I've never really been that interested in anything or had many hobbies growing up, but I used to love dying my hair different colours and being creative with it. 

When I started doing nails I loved it and I still do. After every set I sit and take pictures hoping one day I can have a nail business as that is what I really want to do now so I thought I'd make the first step and start offering press on nails and kits to not only look after you nails but to care for them, but to care for your skin and hands too.

Whether its for an event or just for everyday I'd love to be abled to create something worth showing off to your friends and family, personalised for you.


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